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Amorita - Cruise C

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Important information:

Recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19

• The use of a mask is mandatory during the activity.

• At check-in and whenever requested, the safety distance must be respected. 

• Hand disinfection must be done at check-in, on board, and whenever justified.

• Individual measurement of body temperature may be is performed at check-in. The temperature measurement is included in the code of good practice for this sector, with no record or control being carried out. However, customers who have a body temperature above 37.5º on site will not be able to join us on the activity.

• Customers who experience symptoms of respiratory infection (cough, fever or difficulty breathing) should not appear in the activity.

• Respiratory etiquette measures are recommended - when sneezing or coughing, cover your nose and mouth with your arm or with a tissue which should be placed in the trash immediately.

• During the activity, all instructions of the crew that has HACCP and Clean & Safe training from Turismo de Portugal must be followed.

• We reserve the right to refuse admission of any customer who does not comply with the recomendations.



  • Location: Albufeira
  • Duration:
  • Seats available: -

Cruise along the coast to see the beautiful rock formations and visit the interior * of BENAGIL CAVE with the auxiliary vessel.

During the cruise, also with the auxiliary vessel, visit the interior* of other beatiful caves located at the Benagil area. Have a light lunch served on board.

We'll find a nice place to drop the anchor and stop to swim in the sea and for those who want to try a different dive, we have available the water slide on board.

*Please note: For safety reasons, visit inside the caves, stop for swimmming  and the use of the water slide are dependent on weather and sea conditions, being made only if conditions are favourable.

This activity will have a maximum of 30 passengers. We've reduced the legal capacity of 50 passengers to give our clients more security during the pandemic of Covid 19.

Spoken languages:
  • en English

  • pt Portuguese

  • fr French

  • es Spanish


Experienced crew.



Safety equipment required by law.

A light lunch served on board: cheese and ham baguete, crisps, fruit and 1 tradicional portuguese cake "Pastel de Nata" . During the meal is included beer (glass), wine, orange soft drink and  water.

Vegetarian sandwich option available - by request in advance.





The maximum capacity for Amorita is 50 passengers reduced to 30 during the pandemic of Covid 19 - the capacity showing online is just the available seats for online bookings.

Check-in:   30 minutes before departure time at Algarve Cruises office, located by the side of gate 3 at  Albufeira Marina.

No Show - No refund.

It's not allowed to bring drinks on board.

During the trip, passengers are responsible for their personal assets, Dream Cruises, Lda is not responsible for any personal property lost or damaged during the trip.

We suggest wearing hat, sunglasses and high protection sun lotion. Casual clothing and footwear suitable for a boat trip and swimming costume (towels not provided).

Spring, autumn or a breezy day, a jacket is always a good idea as the temperature can drop. It's always better to wear too much than too little, as extra clothes can always be removed.

*Trips inside the caves and stopping to swim  are dependent to sea/weather condictions.

Desembark inside the caves is not allowed.

Cancelation policy

The maximum capacity for Amorita is 50 passengers - the capacity showing online are just the availble seats for online bookings.

Once the reservation is made, the following cancellation charges will apply in case of cancellation of the reservation by the client:

- From 7 to 4 days before departure: 50% of the total value of the reservation;

- From 3 to 1 days before departure: 100% of the total amount of the reservation;

- No show at time of departure: 100% of the total value of the reservation.


In the following cases, the client will be able to opt for the refund of the already paid amounts or to book an equal trip on another date (subject to availability):

- The number of passengers is insufficient: all the trips are subject to a minimum number of passengers (except private hiring).

- For facts againts our will, such as: natural disasters, bad weather condition and unfavourable navigability; damage or damages in the vessels; unforeseen delays, among others.

In case of cancellation decided by us, the amounts already paid by the client will be reimbursed in full, with no other compensation being paid.

what clients say

Wonderful 4 hour cruise Like a previous writer, the choice of cruises is bewildering, but we lucked out big time choosing the yacht Amorita. A 4 hour cruise to and from the Benagril caves, included a ride through the caves in a small inflatable boat, a small packed lunch ( ham and cheese baguette, fruit and a glass of wine). There was a cash bar also, and a very entertaining group of experienced mariners to look after us. Highlight of our holiday thus far, excellent value at 35 Euro’s. What a stunning piece of coastline, warm day (27 degrees) warm water (21 degrees). Bliss


Best value trip to Benagil Caves We knew we wanted to do a boat trip to Benagil Caves as part of our holiday. There is a bewildering array of different providers and different cruise options all at vastly different prices, so we got leaflets on all of them and over lunch compared and contrasted. We chose a 4 hour cruise from Albufeira Marina to Benagil Caves a board the Yacht Amorita. It gave us everything we wanted, a proper sail boat, you actually go into the cave in a smaller boat (some tours just peek the nose of their bigger craft into the caves and don’t go right in) and they stopped for swimming. As an added bonus the Amorita has a slide on board for the brave who want to slide off the boat into the sea!! This cruise cost 35 euro for Adults and 17.50 for children. Its not the cheapest option but there were plenty of other cruises that were more expensive. The journey to the caves takes about 90 minutes and it was quite windy so bring a hoodie unless you want to freeze. You are at the caves for about an hour as they take small groups into Benagil Cave and some of the smaller caves in a small rib. Previous reviewers expressed safety concerns, but this is the continent where health and safety rules are always more relaxed! The Rib Driver knew what he was doing, even going at high speed through a small cave opening, which made us all scream! Back on the yacht they sail slightly past Benagil and stop for lunch and swimming. Lunch was pretty decent, a good size ham and cheese baguette, crisps, an orange and a drink. I did not swim in the sea because its freezing cold, but some of our group did, taking advantage of the slide several times. Then we headed home (again took about 90 minutes) but with the wind behind us it was significantly warmer and you could do some sunbathing. As a nice touch the crew brought round a small glass of fizzy wine, think they were buttering us up for a tip! But the crew were very attentive and kind, the skipper even called up the kids to have a go steering, which they loved. All in all a great value cruise which gave us everything we wanted from our boat trip, I would highly recommend the Yacht Amorita.

Iate Amorita

Eu tenho que dizer que foi a melhor viagem de barco que eu já estive, 4 horas de duração com um lanche adorável e uma ótima equipe. Fred o capitão era tão bom, muito informativo mas não em sua face, o barco é bonito, você transfere em um bote para as visitas de caverna que estavam pasmando. O preço foi brilhante € 35 que é uma barganha. Como alguém pode culpar este dia está além de mim, eu recomendo totalmente que você faça esta viagem e você não vai se arrepender.


Great value for money and a fabulous trip we loved every minute! We took a 3 hour trip on the yacht Amorita and sailed along the coast line looking at the beaches and rock formations up to the caves. Fred the captain was great fun - and his mate ( sorry forgot his name) were a great double act - giving interesting information as we enjoyed the sailing. They even let all the children on board take a turn at steering the boat. There are drinks and snacks on board to purchase. They stop to allow people to swim and have a slide to enter the water. The view inside the caves was amazing. The trip back was also fun and the crew raised the sails for the trip back. This trip was worth every penny we paid and we would love to go again. Highly recommend

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